‘..the worst that could happen would be pink eye.’ Mom tricked with dad’s Play-Doh poop finger

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Vigo County dad says he tricked his wife into thinking he had poop on his finger as he prepared his three-year-old son’s breakfast.

Chris Essex told FTN the prank happened over a text conversation with his wife Ami.

“So, I legit helped my son, Alex, clean up his poop. Of course I washed my hands…but right after he wanted to play Play-Doh while I made him breakfast,” Chris said,

One of those involved a brown softer Play-Doh, with a little bit softer of a consistency. Chris told us he helped Alex get it out of the container. As he was walking to the kitchen, he said he noticed it looked like poop on his fingers.

“I told her I made his breakfast, coffee, and a fresh pitcher if Crystal Light before I noticed it was there. She was pretty grossed out,” Chris said.

Ami said she told Chris to remake all of it, initially.

“I was pissed. He made said he made drinks and food for our kid with poop on his hands. He refused…saying the worst that could happen would be pink eye,” Ami said.

She told us something from the photo later tipped her off to the truth.

“I could see the Play-Doh container back there. I called him and he admitted to the prank. It was good. I fell for it,” Ami said.

Chris said he looks forward to messing with his wife for years to come.

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