Black and white blankie and waffles…three-year-old shares nighttime conversation with parents

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A three-year-old who refused to sleep Wednesday night shared why with his parents.

Parents Chris and Ami Essex say their son, Alex, would not go to sleep on Wednesday. After watching an episode of one of the shows they watch together, they could still hear him talking to himself in his bedroom.

“We were just curious at this point. But clearly he wasn’t sleeping. So we did what we call a reset. Let him get out of bed for a few minutes, and reset his brain,” Chris said.

Ami asked him who he was talking to.

“Alex was talking….I was talking to my black and white blankie,” Alex said.

She went on to ask him what they were talking about.

“Waffles…waffles are yummy,” Alex told his parents.

Both parents say they could help but laugh….causing Alex to belly laugh.

“In fairness, he has always loved his black and white comforter. Well, my black and white comforter that he hijacked. So it makes sense he would share his love of waffles with his blanket,” Ami said

Chris reportedly made waffles for Alex the following day.

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