‘…that’s when the idea of the walk back up sunk in.’ Parents shamed by three-year-old during walk up 100 plus bluff steps

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A pair of Terre Haute parents were forced to admit they were getting older while visiting the Merom Bluffs in Sullivan County.

It happened Tuesday evening after Chris and Ami Essex decided to take a trip to the bluffs with their three-year-old, Alex.

“I’ve only been there for work, and I remember the views were very pretty…so I thought going with Ami and Alex would be fun,” Chris said.

The bluff in Merom overlooks the Wabash River near the Indiana/Illinois state line.

Visitors are able to hike to the bottom of the bluff using over 100, in some places very steep, stairs.

“So, going down wasn’t bad. It was a fun walk! Some cool carvings on the rocks. When we hit some very steep stairs…that’s when the idea of the walk back up sunk in,” Chris said.

At the bottom, Chris and Ami let Alex explore as much as he wanted.

“Oh…yeah…explore? No, we were procrastinating. We weren’t ready for those steps. Oh my god..we weren’t ready,” Ami said. “Creepy old cabin with beer bottles and graffiti? Sure Alex, check it out. Just don’t drink any beer.”

When the family finally decided to head back up, Alex was full of energy they say.

“We kept stopping for breaks. Alex would turn around…like we were waiting on him and say ‘I’m okay. It’s okay. We can go.’ Like we were waiting on him,” Chris said.

The three-year-old made it back to the top with no problem, where thankfully there was a playground with several benches.

“He went straight to playing. We sat there and did nothing for about 20 minutes,” Ami said.

The family said they would for sure go back, but just have to mentally prepare for the stairs.


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