‘Truly, I was shocked…’ Dad surprised when three-year-old patiently waits for train track construction

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute dad said he was shocked as his toddler patiently waited for him to build a “decently-long” wooden train track set.

It happened around 9:00 Tuesday morning.

According to three-year-old Alex Essex’s dad, Chris, he was able to build the tracks at a 90 percent connection rate.

“So the connection rate….with the wooden tracks, you have the junctions…and the challenge is connecting the ends to make loops,” Chris told us. “I had only one part of TWO junctions that didn’t connect, and that was because I needed a male/male piece.”

Alex will usually help build…to a point, Chris said. After about five minutes, the toddler will create an ‘Oh No Scenario.’

“The Oh No Scenario is his wreck it all nuclear option. I can’t even hate on that…I started playing Sim City in like 2nd grade, and I loved the disasters,” Chris said.

On Tuesday, Alex watched patiently as Chris built the tracks. He said it also included a bridge.

“Truly, I was shocked. I had to take a picture. The fact that he didn’t wreck it…not only that, he was grabbing me pieces, and creating his own paths, that I would work to connect, very proud,” Chris told us.

“The Choo choos are going to go night night in Tidmouth Shed. Thomas and Percy are sleepy,” Alex said when we asked him about the construction.

The Oh No Scenario did come, with Alex wrecking the whole track set about 15 minutes later.

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