Dad says his three-year-old is finally part of the family after he kissed an Apple logo on a MacBook Pro

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad says this is the proudest moment of his life.

That is as his son, three-year-old Alex Essex started showing some love to the Apple logo on the back of his mom’s MacBook Pro.

Chris told us they have been an Apple family long before Alex was born.

“Um, it started with the iPhone 3G…and then went from there. MacBooks, iPads, AppleWatches, Apple TVs….the list goes on,” Chris said.

On Saturday, Chris told us Alex finally became a member of the family, when he kissed the Apple logo on his mom’s computer.

“Look, I loved Alex up until this point, but he was just kind of cool to have around. Kind of like we were babysitting for a friend…but today, he became part of the family, kissing that Apple logo…yeah, I am his dad now…proudest moment of my life,” Chris said.

Ami said she thought it was cute, but thinks Chris is a little weird for the high levels of excitement.

“I mean, yeah, it was cute…but proudest moment of my husband’s life? He said that?” Ami said.

When we asked Alex about his mom’s computer, he simple said “Darios.”

Both Chris and Ami said they have no idea what that means.


Editors note: Remember, this is satire, and no, today was not the first day I considered Alex as part of our family. That part was satire. Also, yes, I was over excited, and yes, Ami thought it was weird,


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