Toddler caught trying to fight a tree in local park

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A local toddler was caught on camera trying to fight a tree in a Vigo County park.

It happened on Wednesday at Fowler Park.

Three year old Alex Essex was caught on video taking a stick and hitting a portion of the tree over and over.

His parents say there is a reason for the violence.

“He gets scared of pine trees and bushes,” Ami Essex, Alex’s mom said. “He loves the idea of them…he will say he wants to touch them, but then freaks out when he gets too close.”

The tree was not damaged during the alleged attack.

“I’m scared of the tree…tree scary,” Alex told us.

It isn’t clear if Alex thought the tree was attacking him…but witnesses say Alex was the instigator.

Alex will not face any charges in the incident.

One comment

  1. Those trees are full of prickly needles! Quite an unpleasant and memorable surprise the first time they touch skin. He’s got spunk to fight back 😁


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