Local parents battle over getting rid of toddler’s old toy…because dad likes to play with it

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – The fight over a children’s toy has two local parents divided.

That toy is a xylophone.

Three-year-old Alex Essex’s mother, Ami, told us she started a project to clean out and donate some of the toddler’s old toys, that he doesn’t play with anymore.

“He has a lot he does not play with anymore. It might be because it is a baby toy or maybe he is just over that toy,” Ami said.

One of those toys, she claims, is a Fisher Price toy xylophone.

“He simply does not play with it, it takes up valuable space in his toy box,” Ami told us.

Alex’s dad, Chris, vetoed that decision, but it wasn’t because his son wanted to keep it.

“No…that toy is not going anywhere,” Chris said. “I love playing with that thing. I’ve learned to play like, six songs really well…I have so much fun with it.”

Chris said he thinks he is being reasonable, and is willing to part with most of Alex’s it other days he doesn’t play with.

When we asked Alex about this xylophone he said…

“Can I have the xylophone?” But then went right back to looking at a Thomas the Tank Engine Christmas book.


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