‘I wanted the floor to swallow me.’ Toddler lifts his shirt screaming ‘touch my nipple’ in the middle of library

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A trip to the library turned embarrassing for one local mom.

The incident happened around 4:00 Tuesday afternoon at the Vigo County Public Library.

That is where Ami Essex took her three-year-old son Alex to play, and pick up some new books.

While the two were in the busy kids area, Alex allegedly started lifting his shirt over his head demanding to touch his own nipples.

“We were getting ready to leave, and Alex kept getting upset raising his shirt over his head,” Ami said. “When I told him he needed to put his shirt back down…he started yelling ‘touch my nipple’ over and over.”

Ami said this was one of her most embarrassing moments in public since being a parent.

“I wanted the floor to swallow me.” Ami told us.

When we asked Alex about the library incident, he avoided the question, only commenting on his new books.

Ami’s husband Chris said when he received a text about the incident he laughed out loud.

In a text message to his wife, Chris said…

“Hahaha. I’m sorry. That’s not funny…but it’s really funny.”

Several people that learned about the incident blamed Chris, saying it sounds like something he would tell Alex to do to mess with Ami.

“I did not have anything to do with this. It sounds like something I would do…but no. I didn’t tell him to do it,” Chris said.

This is the first time at home or away Alex has demanded to touch his own nipples.


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