Mom unwraps…rewraps toddler’s birthday presents when she finds new wrapping paper

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A Terre Haute mom has decided to unwrap her soon to be three-year-old son’s birthday presents so she could rewrap them in a new wrapping paper she found the day before his birthday.

Alex Essex will celebrate his birthday at a party on March 2nd in Paris, Illinois, but his parents call February 28th his birthday, since his actual birthday is on February 29th.

His parents plan to hold a Disney-Pixar Cars themed birthday party.

Alex’s mom, Ami Essex, said the wrapping paper was originally red and yellow.

“Those colors are the Lightning McQueen colors. I was going with a theme,” Ami said.

That is until a trip a trip to Walmart on Wednesday changed all of that.

“I found Cars wrapping paper…and oh my god. I knew I had to buy it and rewrap Alex’s gifts,” Ami told us.

In a text to her husband, Chris, Ami said:

“OMG. They had this at Walmart. I am retapping (SIC) all his gifts lol”

She quickly corrected the autocorrect error.

Ami told us she spent Wednesday night rewrapping those gifts, and was excited doing it.

“I don’t mind doing it at all…I kind of want to wake him and give them to him now,” Ami said.

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