Dinos? ABCs? How about precut? Dad considers campaign to have nuggets ready to serve

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (FTN) – A local dad is speaking out after he says his pleas to the makers of chicken nuggets have largely gone unanswered.

That dad is 36-year-old Chris Essex.

Essex said he is sick of having to cut his toddler’s chicken nuggets up each time he eats them.

“Is it hard? Well…no. And yes…I’m aware how lazy I sound. But if there’s a market for it then why not do it,” Essex told us.

Essex admits his son, two-year-old Alex, wants the chicken cut differently every time.

While he wants to start an email campaign or online petition, Essex says he forgets about the issue about 10 seconds after he gets done cutting the nuggets.

“Yeah…I am passionate about it while I’m doing it…but soon after, I forget all about it” Essex.

He said while most companies do fun shapes for kids, those shapes never translate to his toddler’s plate.

“Sure he can rip it. He calls it rip it…but he will only do it about 50 percent of the time. The other time he says it’s too big for him to eat. I’ve watched him double fist a grilled cheese…sorry, getting off track,” Essex said.

For now, Essex says he doesn’t have the energy to actually start any kind of petition…adding:

“The more I think about it…the stupider I sound. Actually. Never mind. Forget I said anything.”


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