Toddler gets super angry at the top of the slide, train toy may be to blame

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (FTN) – A local toddler is upset after being told it was okay to go down the slide.

It happened earlier in the week at a playground located inside a Terre Haute apartment complex.

The incident involved two-year-old Alex Essex.

According to Alex’s parents, he is no stranger to the slide.

“He loves the slide, he has gone down this thing hundreds of times,” Alex’s mother Ami said.

There are a couple of theories his father, Chris told us.

“We told him to let his Thomas (the Tank Engine) toy to go down the slide. He didn’t like that…so we didn’t press the issue, but the damage had already been done,” Chris said.

The incident ended with Alex needing to be escorted down the stairs of the playset.

Due to the cold weather, he hasn’t been back to the playground since that incident.



  1. In other news, an East Coast toddler has meltdown over the parent’s horrendous choice of left swing vs. right swing. Meltdown got ugly when mother asked “what’s wrong”. Left swing was immediately removed and will undergo a full investigation.

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